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 Big Gete Star Quests

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PostSubject: Big Gete Star Quests   Big Gete Star Quests Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2008 1:53 pm

You've heard rumors about it, but are all 3 rumors correct? Find out!

Rumor 1: You heard there was treasure. Try and find it.

Rumor 2: You heard that you could get a certain part you greatly enhance android's abilities. Try and find it.

Rumor 3: You heard that a drink on this planet would help you on your life's path. Try and find it.

Final Challenge: You've found it all, but can you escape the star? If you find the space port of long ago, you may find a final parting gift from the spirits and get to safety, but can you even get past the evil spirits attacking you?!

You must have done all 3 rumors to do the Final Challenge. The rumors can be done whenever you want, and you'll receive a special item for each one. What's the final secret gift of the good spirits? Complete the quests! I'll change it for everyone.
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Big Gete Star Quests
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