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 Heading on to planet vegeta

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PostSubject: Heading on to planet vegeta   Heading on to planet vegeta Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 12:14 am

Shrio And hui Arrive at planet Vegeta They get out the big ship Looking Around there They see alot of sayians Shiro and hui Trains in a little spot for a little They hear a big explosion They flys to the explosion There they see a Sayian Shiro Runs to him at force trying to the that man The sayian Punches shiro hard he is knocked down Hui Grabs herr sword and slashes it at him he dodges it and Brakes her arm Shrio Looks at hui Go down He fulls with Rage He Goes Super Sayian Punching the sayian hard as he can The sayian goes down Shiro pearpes for his final move Ka me Ha me Ha! A blue Blast head twords the sayians he died by the blast Shrio Hair goes back Black He Runs To help Hui and the hurt man Shrio and hiro heads to the ship and heads back to Earth And goes back home.
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Heading on to planet vegeta
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