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 Quest to escape Planet Namek

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Quest to escape Planet Namek Empty
PostSubject: Quest to escape Planet Namek   Quest to escape Planet Namek Icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 4:44 am

Frieza is about to destroy namek can you escape from planet namek's destruction??? if you can't then too bad if you
can that's great

1 there you go flying.then you notice that gohan vegeta piccolo and dende are on earth then you see captain ginyu the frog and bulma standing around.what do you do them and get 100 zeni
B.just let them die and get no zeni

2 you start flying again and see frieza.he calls you a monkey monkey and then he shoot a giant blast at you so how do you stop him

A.a one handed kamehameha 120 zeni and beat him up 50 zeni
C.teleport to the back of him and kick him away 20 zeni

3.soon you find ginyu's spacepod and frieza's ship and frieza's ship won't work so would you use ginyu's ship fly away like a little birdy or die
A.use ginyu's ship confused 30 zeni away like a little birdy afro 20 zeni
C.or DIE Sad no zeni

3 alternate endings
1 you used ginyu's ship and escaped all the way to a planet you don't know named Yardrat.they give you a brand new suit and remake ginyu's spacepod lol! cherry albino santa rendeer study elephant cyclops alien cat monkey pig
2 you flyed away soon in space you see frieza built and now known as mecha will you stop's up to you and did you beat him...YOU TELL ME
3 YOU LET YOURSELF you failed to escape from the destruction of namek Crying or Very sad

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Quest to escape Planet Namek
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