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 Transformations/ Races

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PostSubject: Transformations/ Races   Transformations/ Races Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 11:10 am


Racial Ability: Gain 20% extra bonus even if they lose ( get 5k pl for their loss, racial ability gives 6k instead of 5k )
Description: The saiyan's are the strongest race in the universe... they have the ability to grow tremendously in power after a near death experience, it's said that they can transform and become even more powerful.

Starting Powerlevel: 10,000 Pl ( Hp= 1/10 of pl ( 10% ), divide pl by 10 then devide into speed, strength, and ki and so on.. also sight speed is 6/5 of your speed ( 120%) a good mix would be 3500 str, 3500 ki and 2000 sp

Starting Zeni/ Equipment:2000 zeni, Saiyan space pod, Wieghted training shirt


Oozaro: A giant monkey that increases a saiyan's pl, but loses all reason...
PL Increase: 1.2x normal
Pl Needed: N/A ( always can use )
Requirement: Must be a full moon created by the artificial moon technique

Super Saiyan: The legendary warrior has awoken! in this form a saiyan's hair turns gold along with their aura... Huge power level increase!
PL Increase: 1.5x normal
Pl Needed: 250,000 pl is required
Requirement: Must go through an emotional trauma and write a 250 word rp on the experience ( marked by mod/admin)

Mastered Super saiyan: The saiyan remains in the super saiyan state forever ( except while sleeping )... Also a minor increase in power
Pl increase: 1.6x ( Permanent Transformation bonus to pl 1.1x your current pl )
Pl Needed: 500,000 pl is needed
Requirement: Must explain how you managed to rise to this new level ( what training did you do?) in a 450 word rp. ( marked by admin only)

Super Saiyan 2: The saiyan's hair shoots up, and pure energy pulsates from their body!
Pl Increase: 1.8x normal
Pl Needed: 1.5 million
Requirement: Must go through a major trauma, and explain how your anger peaked... write a 700 word rp on this ( marked by mod/admin)

Super saiyan 3: The saiyan's hair elongates past his knee's and the energy becomes even more violent!
Pl increase: 2x
Pl Needed: 3,200,000
Requirement: Must write a 850 word rp on becoming one with your inner saiyan. ( Marked by mod or admin )

Super Saiyan 4: The saiyan's hair shortens again, and returns to normal colour but they are covered in a red fur.
Pl increase: 2.3x
Pl Needed: 6,500,000
Requirement: Explain how you regained your reason a sa golden oozaro... must be 1000 words ( marked by admin only)

Super saiyan 5 ( God Form): This is the all mighty form... the saiyan's hair grows longer again and turns white and pulsates blue energy!
Pl increase 1.25x boost when unlocked and 2.4x when used in battle ( Permanent Transformation) Takes a week before you can use in a battle
Pl Needed: 10 Million
Requirement: Must make a story about a being that surpasses even your ssj4 form, and how helpless you are with no one worthy of a fight, or is there?... must be atleast 2000 words ( Marked by an admin)

Half Saiyan/ Half Human:

Racial Ability: Gain 15% even if they lose, 5% increase to ki if losing badly

Description: An amazing cross between the human and saiyan races... They are slightly more powerful than the saiyan's, but are compassionate and friendly.

Starting Pl: 8000

Starting: 3000 zeni, wieghted shirt


Oozaro: A giant monkey
Pl Increase: 1.2x
Pl Needed: N/A
Requirement: Full moon ( technique)

Potential Unleashed: A gift from Guru
Pl Increase: 1.4x ( permanent)
Pl Needed: 65,000
Requirement: Must visit Guru on Planet Namek

Super Saiyan: A half saiyan's hair jets up and so does their pl!
Pl Increase: 1.6x
Pl Needed: 250,000
Requirement: Write a 350 word rp on the anger and pain you felt to reach the form.

Mastered Super Saiyan: Saiyan remains in the form
Pl Increase: 1.75x( permanant)
Pl Needed: 500,000
Requirement: Must go through intence training and write a 500 word rp

Super Saiyan 2( Power unleashed): The next level of super saiyan! A saiyans hair becomes more spikey and a violently powerful aura appears!
Pl Increaes: 1.9x
Pl Needed: 1,250,000
Requirement: Must suffer the pain of loss, and write a 750 word rp

Mystic Form ( Full potential ): The saiyan's powers pulsate past any known super saiyan!
Pl Increase: 1.5x pl if unlocked 2x pl for transformation
Pl Needed: 6 Million
Requirement: Must visit elder kai on the kai's planet and write a 1000 word role play on the training of the cooky kai.


Racial Ability: Power to command a weak soldier ( power level= 1/20th of yours )
Can breath in space allowing planet travel without a ship.

Description: A lizard like race that pocess great fighting techniques!

Starting Pl: 6000

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 6000 zeni


2nd Form: Grows in size and gains some power
Pl Increase:1.3x
Pl Needed: 50,000
Requirement: 200 word roleplay on why you had to reveal your power

3rd form: Gains great speed and power, and gets an arch on back
Pl Increase: 1.4x
Pl Needed: 140,000
Requirement: Must write a 500 word roleplay on the battle so far

Final Form: Shrinks in size but gains massive power and speed
Pl increase: 1.8x ( Pl increased by 2 when unlocked)
Pl Needed: 750,000
Requirement: Must write a 750 word roleplay on your new powers against the annoying fighter

Final Form ( Full Power): Gains massive muscles and powers over 2 times stronger
Pl increaes: 2x
Pl Needed: 3.5 million
Requirement: Must write a 800 word rp on the battle with the legendary warrior


Racial Ability: Can regrow limbs ( takes 3 hours )
Can make dragonballs if verry strong and smart enough to get the right people to teach him how.

Description: A green warrior that posesses decent fighting techniques

Starting Pl: 6500

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 1500 Zeni/ Wieghted shirt


Super Namek:
Pl Increase: 1.3x
Pl Needed: 70,000
Requirement: 250 word rp

Sync with Nail:
Pl Increase: 1.5x( permanent) pl increased by 2 when unlocked
Pl Needed: 250,000
Requirement: Must write a 400 word rp on meeting a namek warrior and fusing

Fuse with kami:
Pl Increase: 2x( permanent) pl increased by 1.75 when unlocked
Pl Needed: 1 million
Requirement: Must go to earth and write a 600 word roleplay about fusing with your opposite

Androids/ Bio-Androids:

Racial Ability: Never tire out/ Gain 10% to speed if under 1/2 health

Description: Warriors created by Dr. Guru designed to destroy the universe

Starting Pl: 10,000

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 5000 zeni/ Nothing


Super Androids:
Pl Increase: 1.5x
Pl Needed: 1 million
Requirement: 500 word rp on destroying your enemy

Perfect Form ( Only bio Androids )
Pl Increase: 1.8x
Pl Needed: 1.8 million
Requirement: 700 Word rp on becoming complete

Perfect Perfection ( Only Bio Androids )
Pl Increase: 2.2x( permanent gain when unlocked and only transformation you can use.)
Pl Needed: 3 million
Requirement: 850 word rp on being brought back from near death

Aliens/ Demons:

Racial Ability: Gain 10% strength when under half health

Starting Pl: 6000

Starting Zeni/ Equipment: 2000 zeni/ wieghted ankle braces


Host absorbed: Absorbed a weak host ( Aliens only )
Pl Increase: 1.2x
Pl Needed: 60,000 pl
Requirement: 200 word rp on the struggle to absorb a host

Super powered form ( Aliens/ Demons): True strength is realized
Pl Increase: 1.8x( permanent pl increase)
Pl needed: 1 million
Requirement: 500 word roleplay on reaching full power

Demonic awakening state (Demons only)
Pl Increase: 2.2 (When unlocked pl is times by 2.3)
PL Needed: 2 mill


Racial Ability: Build space crafts ( space ships are half price)
Humans train hard and gain an extra 10x gravity up to 100x

Starting Pl: 5000

Zeni/ equipment: 2000 zeni/ wieghted shirt


Potential Unlocked:
Pl Increase: 1.4x( permanent)
Pl Needed: 200,000
Requirement: Must meet Guru on Planet Namek

World Champion:
Pl Increase: 1.5x( permanent)
Pl Needed: 1,500,000
Requirement: Must write a 500 word roleplay on becoming the champ.

Z fighter
PL Increase: 1.75x (times you pl by 1.5 when unlocked)
PL Needed: 5 mill

Transformations/ Races Vegatasig02
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Transformations/ Races
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